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Another Proud “Palestinian” Moment… Another Stabbing Caught on Camera

Murder becomes her… so long as she’s attacking Jews.

Not all Israelis are being targeted for extermination. The Arab Israelis aren’t.

Though they are citizens of Israel, they are safe from harm — even as they work and enjoy their lives as university students, professors, doctors, nurses, judges, pensioners, engineers and Israeli government officials in the State of Israel.

With rare exception, they stand by, largely silent, going about their daily lives, thriving … untroubled as their Jewish neighbors are attacked — stabbed, run down, stoned, lynched by their Arab sisters and brothers in broad daylight

Where are the candlelight vigils for the Jewish victims?

Where are the outraged “Jewish Lives Matter” protests organized by Arabs in Jerusalem…Tel Aviv…Haifa…. Nablus…?

Where are the “NOT IN OUR NAME” sermons in the mosques…?

Of course, not all are silent.

Some cheer.

youtube notes:

Published on Nov 8, 2015

Earlier today 5-6 Israelis were injured in a car attack, including two in serious condition, and also a pregnant woman who escaped with minor injuries. The Palestinian driver was shot and killed.The second attack occured 1.5 hrs later, at the entrance to Betar Illit – The female attacker was shot and wounded. The moments leading up to the attack and the attack itself were captured on video. Coincidentally, the security guard who stopped the Palestinian attacker was celebrating his birthday that very day.The attacker was identified as a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem, 22-year-old Halawa Alian. She was shot by the victim after stabbing him. She was being treated by medics who were evacuating her to hospital.
As per police regulations, the woman lay on the sidewalk until a police sapper team confirmed she was not wearing an explosive device. Only then were medics allowed to treat her.
She was moderately wounded and has been taken to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.
A security video from the scene showed the woman approaching the entrance gate to the city, starting a conversation with the guard, then pulling a large knife from her purse and lunging at him.
The guards were on alert as she approached, according to the Walla news site, after a municipal control room watching the camera feeds noticed her walking along the entrance road and notified the guards.Photos: The Palestinian woman trying to stab the guard and after she was shot and injured (1-4); The security guard at the hospital (5) and scene of the first (car) attack, including the dead terrorist and his Palestinian driver license (6-11); Video shows the Palestinian female stabbing attack