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#NoKosovoUnesco | The Consequences of US – Led NATO Occupation in Kosovo

Kosovo Priests standing before destroyed churchWhen US led NATO forces (KFOR) occupied the Serbian province of Kosovo following the 79 day bombing of the Serbian people, the Albanians immediately began destroying Serbian Churches and Monasteries.

The loss has been immense.

Albanian extremists destroyed 150 Christian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries many of which date back to the 13th and 14th centuries

“According to the data published by the OSCE, 392 Serbian cemeteries in Kosovo i Metohija have been destroyed over the past 16 years.”

Over 220 thousand Serbs and non Albanians were ethnically cleansed from Kosovo I Metohja.

To understand the extent of the devastation that took place watch the short video below.

Albanian Terrorists with NATO Leaders

Western powers, led by the United States and Germany, installed leaders of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army – UCK ) into power in the Serbian province, paving the way for the illegal creation of a second Albanian state.

The KLA was known to US law enforcement as a terrorist group. They were–are –in effect, the Albanian version of the PLO: Just as corrupt, just as murderous, just as violent towards non Muslims.

In addition, the KLA are also leaders in both drug and human trafficking (sex slave trade) in Europe.

Rather than keep the peace, NATO forces actively prevented the Serbian people from defending themselves and protecting their sacred historical and religious sites from Western armed and trained Albanian militants and the radicalized population at large.   In 2004 the daily violence erupted into a massive pogrom against the Serbian people of Kosovo — under the watchful eyes of KFOR (NATO) forces. The single worst day of Albanian mob violence occurred on March 17, 2004 when 34 Serbian Churches and Monasteries were laid waste.  

Israelis – the Jewish people – need to understand this.  The Jewish people need to take heed.  US-backed PLO leader Mahmud Abbas is actively campaigning for US – led NATO occupation of Israel.   He has been for years.

Abbas wants Israeli forces to be withdrawn and replaced with NATO troops and “Palestinian” Security forces.

He had a conversation with Thomas Friedman of the New York Times about this last year:

Let NATO forces stay, said Abbas, “for a long time, and wherever they want, not only on the eastern borders but also on the western borders, everywhere … For a long time, for the time they wish. NATO can be everywhere, why not?”


Kosovo NATO watch Albanians destroy Serbian Church

NATO soldier stands by as Albanian mob attacks Orthodox Church in Kosovo: The “Serbian Jerusalem”

The Serbian people refer to Kosovo i Metohja as their Jerusalem.  Consider the fate of the real Jerusalem if the Abbas gets his way, and NATO comes to occupy the homeland of the Jews in support of the PLO.

NO to “Kosovo’s” membership in UNESCO

And NO to NATO occupation of Israel