Howard Stern / Israel

Howard Stern Slams Roger Waters For Attacking Bon Jovi For Performing in Israel

Howard Stern, the notoriously vulgar, foul mouthed American radio personality, famous for testing the limits the American 1st Amendment on the American airwaves, has once more taken up the cause of Israel.

He has begun questioning  Roger Water’s motivations for attacking Israel, after Water’s published an open letter to Bon Jovi demanding he not perform therebon jovi2.

Often indignant, Stern talks at length with his radio cohorts in search of an answer. He doesn’t find one, not rational one anyway. But he does expose the hypocrisy of Water’s highly public, bigoted, inflammatory campaign against the only Jewish state.

One thing is clear to Howard Stern.  Water’s issue isn’t truly with Israel, or even human rights.  His issue is with the Jewish people, noting that while Waters accuses Israel of human rights violations, he roger watersremains unconcerned and silent on Saudi Arabia, on Iran, on Sudan on the horrors and brutality that are the norm across the Arab – Islamic world.

“What’s with Roger Waters and the Jews?” he asks with feigned bewilderment.  The answer, of course, is obvious.

In a later broadcast Stern challenges other supporters of Israel to speak out.