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ZDF – German Television Report | Muslim women told to leave Germany to escape family ‘Honor’ violence

This ZDF German television documentary examines the impact of  Islamic ideology on German society brought by massive Islamic migration.   It exposes the emergence of closed parallel communities that are increasingly impenetrable, and immune to German law.  The implications for Christians, for Jews, and for women and girls is devastating, and dangerous.

Muslim high school boys, one from Albania, speak of the women in their families, their sisters, or future wives as their property over whom their authority is ultimate, irrespective of German law. The Charlie Hebdo massacre is praised by Muslim school children ready to support, and defend death — cold blooded murder — for secular Europeans who engage in Freedom of Speech and critical thought when it comes to Islam.  German school teachers — alarmed and horrified by what their hearing in their classrooms — are bullied, berated and threatened for challenging these perceptions.

Jews are being cautioned to hide their identity in public by a rabbi who was himself brutally beaten by a mob.  Christians fleeing persecution in the Islamic world, find themselves brutalized in refugee camps in Germany by Muslim migrants.

Muslim women and girls who attempt to escape forced marriage, brutality, and ‘honor’ violence  in their homes in Germany are told that to remain safe, it’s not enough that they change their names; they must also leave Germany?   

But where will they be safe?  Where can women and girls, Christians and Jews living in Germany go to be safe and for how much longer?  What about Gay community?

What does the future hold for Germany when it is no longer willing to uphold and defend it’s laws and constitution?  Why the loathing by its leaders for their own civil society?  What will fill the vacuum?