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Unidentified MIG-29 Intercepted the Flight of Two Turkish F-16s

Is Russia, in moving to dominate Syrian air space, actively hampering this Turkish campaign against the Kurds – America’s forlorn “allies” in the war against ISIS?

NATO member Turkey has been carrying out massive air offensives against the Kurds, under the pretext of fighting ISIS as aErdogan Assassin Paris Kurdish Protest coalition member.   More than 300 attacks on Kurdish positions have been carried out by the Turkish air force.

Turkey’s contribution to the war on ISIS, despite it’s membership in the ‘coalition’ against the transnational Islamic militia, has been nil.  Instead of aiding the ‘effort’, Erdogan’s government, according to a number of reports, has been providing support to ISIS.

US Special forces seized documents demonstrating Turkey’s support for ISIS when it raided the compound of Abu Sayyaf, a Tunisian oil smuggler, and senior figure in the Muslim terror movement.  According to the Guardian, to finance its activities and expansion, ISIS has been selling Syrian oil to Turkey from fields it captured and controls. It has been a lucrative enterprise.

The estimated $1m-$4m per day in oil revenues that was thought to have flowed into Isis coffers over at least six months from late 2013….

In the wake of the raid that killed Abu Sayyaf, suspicions of an undeclared alliance have hardened. One senior western official familiar with the intelligence gathered at the slain leader’s compound said that direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking Isis members was now “undeniable”.

To what extent is Turkey acting with the approval of NATO in attacking the Kurds and supporting ISIS?

Two Turkish F-16s intercepted near Syrian border

Neidentifikovani MIG-29 presretao je i ometao u letu dva turska borbena aviona F-16, dan pošto je ruski vojni avion povredio vazdušni prostor Turske, saopštila je danas vojska.

Unidentified MIG-29 intercept and interfere with the flight of two Turkish fighter aircraft F-16, a day after a Russian military plane violated the airspace of Turkey, announced today the army.

U saopštenju se navodi da je avion MIG-29, iz za sada nepoznate zemlje, pet minuta i 40 sekundi ometao let dva turska aviona F-16 i dodaje da se incident dogodio juče.

The statement said that the MiG-29 aircraft, from the moment unknown country, five minutes and 40 seconds interfere with the flight of two Turkish F-16 jets, adding that the incident took place yesterday.
Ranije danas, tursko Ministarstvo spoljnih poslova saopštilo je da je, pre dve dana, u blizini sirijske granice, ruski vojni avion povredio vazdušni prostor te zemlje, zbog čega je tursko vazduhoplovstvo uputilo dva aviona F-16 da ga presretnu.

Earlier today, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that, two days ago, near the Syrian border, a Russian military plane violated the airspace of the country, which is why the Turkish Air Force sent two F-16 jets to intercept.
Ministarstvo je pozvalo ruskog ambasadora u Ankari da bi uložilo demarš zbog povrede turskog vazdušnog prostora, navodi se u saopštenju postavljenom na internetu.

Ministry invited the Russian ambassador in Ankara to demarche due to violations of Turkish airspace, according to a statement posted on the Internet.
Turska je pozvala Rusiju da izbegne ponavljanje takve povrede njenog vazdušnog prostora i poručila da će Moskvu “smatrati odgovornom za bilo kakav neželjeni incident koji može da se dogodi”.

Turkey has invited Russia to avoid a repetition of such violations of its airspace and said that Moscow will “be held responsible for any unwanted incident that could happen.”
Rusija je prošle nedelje pokrenula vazdušne napade protiv Islamske države (IS) u Siriji.

Russia last week launched air strikes against the Islamic state (IS) in Syria.