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Whom do you Boycott? The Idan Raichel Project? Marta Gomez? | “touch this silence that is ending” لمس هذا الصمت الذي ينتهي – Todas Las Palabras – הפרויקט של עידן רייכל

So much is said and written about Israel: The small ancient kingdom of the Jewish people conquered by Rome, and renamed Palestina: Palestine.

Much, if not most of it, does little more than confound and confuse, or worse,  incite.   Meanings are appropriated, corrupted. Truth is maligned, until it ceases to be recognizable.  History is rewritten–replaced by grotesque Nazi fictions, ancient Islamic fables lauding persecution, conquest and subjugation of the Jews through the ages, and Roman Catholic blood libels, all repeated by academics and activists turned propagandists, readying the world for the coming Holocaust.

Evidence, art and artifacts are desecrated, defaced…Libraries and museums are laid waste. The history of human civilization is being swiftly obliterated.

Squabbles erupt among allies over minutia, as enemies seize upon these weaknesses and divisions, and move in.

Others, servile and obsequious, cling to their denial, inMarta Gomezsist their kin assume culpability that isn’t theirs. Supposing this – this will save them.  It won’t.     ,

And words like these, in this song, brought to us with such exquisite beauty and grace by Marta Gomez and Idan Raichel are censored and silenced by those professing a higher moral authority, who seek to determine- to control–what you and I hear, see and think, those of the BDS “movement”, the Muslim Brotherhood, CodePink, ANSWER and the like…

Now can you name the sickness?

all the words

I suppose that you and I will eventually meet

And perhaps without even noticing
Perhaps it will happen without rush and without wind
In some place from yesterday
I feel that you and I will meet and it might be strange
With the hope, without rush and without voice,
Without any footsteps to follow

All song, all words, come and dance
With the sound the wind makes
When approaching your mouth and your skin
Look at me for an instant
Touch this silence that is ending
And embrace the air turning into sky
Inside your breath and my thirst
It is the air that becomes the sky into my thirst

I suppose that you and I will eventually meet,
We might not even notice
Maybe it will happen quickly
And with wind in some new place
I feel that you and I will meet and it might be strange
With the hope, without rush, without voice,
With dreams to begin

Taken from

Marta Gómez recibe un Disco de Platino

REDACCIÓN el 16/06/2009

El Disco de Platino le ha sido concedido en Israel por la venta de 40.000 copias de la canción “Todas las palabras”

Marta Gómez ha recibido el Disco de Platino en Israel por vender más de 40.000 copias de “Todas las palabras”, canción incluida en la más reciente producción discográfica de Idan Raichel Project “Within My walls“.

Idan Raichel es un cantautor y músico nacido en Kfar Saba (Israel) hace 31 años. Lidera un proyecto conocido como The Idan Raichel’s Project y que fusiona el jazz y la electrónica con la música tradicional sefardita y etíope. Marta Gómez participó como invitada especial en los conciertos de Raichel desde el 2008 en los Estados Unidos e Israel.

La canción, compuesta a medias con Idan Raichel ha sido el primer single promocional del músico israelita. Además de esta canción, el citado disco cuenta con otra colaboración de Marta Gómez titulada “Cada día”.

Es la primera vez que una canción es castellano llega a la cima de las listas radiales en Israel.