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BDS FAIL – Protest Against Idan Raichel Project Concert in NYC… | now listen to “Mon Amour”

It is not just ignorance at work here.  It is far more perverse than that. It is the insatiable, carnal impulse to savage, to tear into the flesh of the Jewish people that motivates this behavior.   But to do this, they must first silence the Jews. Isolate them. Prejudice as many as possible against them.  It’s just how the Nazis did it.  This is incitement. Though this time, apparently with limited results, at least out on the street in front of the Beacon theater in New York City…

Monday, April 13, 2015

      A dozen protest Idan Raichel at New York’s Beacon theater. BDS fail

Phyllis Chessler described it as  “Probably the most insane leftist protest ever”.

Thats arguable.

After all,  in the Bay area we’ve experienced the  Code Pink 2 hour “hunger strike”.  We’ve witnessed “Mimes for Gaza”.  We’ve seen queer groups protest the venerable Frameline LGBT film festival for the unforgivable offense of daring to show films about the struggle for equality – in Israel

Only in San Francisco. Mimes for Gaza

New York can’t hold a candle to the Bay in terms of sheer, unbridled insanity.

On the evening of April 12th, at New Yorks beautiful Beacon Theater, members of anti-Israel groups including  Adalah-NY, the BDS National Committee,  the Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No gathered to protest popular Israeli Singer Idan Raichel.

The press release from Adalah claims 40 people showed up- contradicted  by eyewitness reports that only 12 showed up , and were completely overwhelmed by over 200 pro-Israel supporters.

Phyllis Chessler, writing in Arutz Sheva, described the scene

On the side for Israel: A woman with a bright, fierce countenance told me she was a ninety-year-old Holocaust survivor. She said: “I will never stop fighting for Israel.” Her sign read: “Boycotting Israel is Racist.”
I love her.
And then there was the woman whom I asked to estimate for me how many pro-Israel demonstrators she thought were there. She said: “Six hundred thousand. Everyone who left Egypt is here today.”
I love her too.
For Israel. There they stood: One Asian woman, one Black woman, several Mizrachi and Arab-looking women and men. People of all ages, including children and teenagers (at least five), but mainly fifty and older were there.

Groups like Adalah-NY and the BDS ‘movement’ don’t want peace.  They want war — just so long as the Jews can’t and won’t defend themselves…  that’s the reason they protest those who defend the IDF.

What’s the fun in firing rockets at the Jewish people living in Tel Aviv if they fire back?   No. For them, a good Israeli, a good Jew, is a defenseless one.  Or, better still, a dead one.

Nor do these “activists” care about human rights.  If they did, if they truly cared they would support the work of the Idan Raichel  Project.

Producer, keyboardist, and composer Idan Raichel has become a global music icon since the unveiling of The Idan Raichel Project, a multi-ethnic tour de force that changed the face of Israeli Raichel Idan 3popular music. The Project enchants audiences with entrancing fusions sung in Hebrew, Arabic and the Ethiopian languages of Amharic and Tigrit. Their latest album, Quarter To Six, has garnered international praise for its depth and scope. Raichel has collaborated with over 95 celebrated artists from around the globe including American neo-soul diva India.Arie, Mayra Andrade from Cape Verde, Marta Gomez from Colombia, Ana Moura from Portugal, German counter-tenor Andreas Scholl, Vieux Farka Touré from Mali and many more. Over the past decade The Idan Raichel Project has become the soundtrack of contemporary Israel.

Here is but one example of what Idan Raichel does… with friend and collaborator Vieux Farka Touré from Mali, vieux farka tourethe “Hendrix of the Sahara”. (

Why would the sick, twisted folks with BDS want to keep people from seeing this?  Perhaps because it shows real social injustice, and poverty… genuine hardship, hunger, and want. And that would never do…  Especially when their boycotts and protests against Israel and the Jewish people do so much to diminish, obscure, and hide this suffering, and the suffering of so many others.