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Turning “OPEC into IRANPEC” : The “Black Gold Triangle” – 56% of the World’s Oil – And a Nuclear Iran

It’s madness that to find this crucial information, one must turn to programs like  “The Watchman” on a Conservative Christian cable news channel (Why such information “escapes” the attention of the likes of Amy Goodman and Michel Chossudovsky  is worthy of far closer investigation…).   Nevertheless, this report features extremely useful information, and if you can patiently wait out the hyped introduction , and the somewhat awkward explanations, you will be well rewarded with valuable information.

Be patient. Don’t be put off. Watch.  And wait to see Mark Langfan’s maps — especially the “Resource Map” of the Middle East.

Why would the US and the European Union (Germany)  want to put a nuclear Iran in control of 56% of the world’s oil?