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Germans have had enough of the Holocaust! | Die Deutschen haben genug von der Holocaust hatte !


Germany - Holocaust - I can't hear it anymore

a sticker from around 2011 reads: “Cult of Guilt: Holocaust – I can’t hear it anymore” / Photo credit: Deutsches Historisches Museum



A study was conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation that gauged German perceptions towards the Holocaust and Israel. The study concluded that the vast majority of Germans, 81 percent in fact, want to put ‘the history of the persecution of the Jews behind them’.

Many Germans also believe the Israeli treatment of “Palestinian” Arab children is equal to that of the Nazis.

Perhaps that particular fiction helps them to sleep at night, to once more restore their sense of moral superiority, to convince the world that yes, indeed, the Jews are a depraved people, and that they, the Germans – the Nazis – were right all along…

64 percent of Germans also want to end of weapons exports to Israel.

Here’s what happened the last time Germans sought to disarm their victims.  Do Arab ‘Palestinian’ children in Gaza really look like this?