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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Remembered – a pro-Israel Legacy (in 5 minutes) | Dumisani Washington, Director for the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel

What would MLK say about President Obama’s anti-Israel policies?   Would he agree?  Probably not.  Here’s why:

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Correction: Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 (not April 6)

Directed by: Sara Washington
Music: Randy Sandoli (bass), Katie Tanner (percussion)

We reiterate the fact that this video is not an attempt to speak for Dr. King as if he were with us today. It is only a quoting (in context) of his own words as pertaining to the Israeli—Palestinian conflict. As for the specific comments re: finances of Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas, here are more references:­-is-mahmoud-abbas-worth­orth-100m-claims-former-arafat-aide/­ity-passes-3-8-billion-budget/­3_14/SR13_14_EN.pdf2015_programme_budget­_blue_book.pdf­s-palestinians-who-dont-work-gaza_n_4424­992.html­m-1.558306­lionaires­x/178715

68th Annual Rabbinical Assembly:­/files/public/resources-ideas/cj/classic­s/1-4-12-civil-rights/conversation-with-­martin-luther-king.pdf

1967/Six Day War:

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