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Why is the United States financing the conscription of Armies of Arab children by the United Nations?

Child Arab SoldiersArab Children are being weaponized by the thousands, turned into child soldiers, and not just by ISIS.

The United Nations has been at it for a while now financed largely, though not exclusively by the United States.

U.N. run schools  are instructing young Arab children in combat, preparing them, not to become doctors, scientists and engineers, but terrorists — willing human sacrifices in a genocidal campaign – a Nazi campaign- they have been indoctrinated to adopt as their own.

They are the Arab Hitlerjugend.

Their ‘education’ has a singular purpose. They’re being trained to murder Jews.

These same UN refugee schools are also serving as weapons depots and missile launch sites with which to attack Israel.hitlterjugend 3

Where are the condemnations from White House, the EU and the world’s leaders who have full, detailed knowledge of what it is taking place in ‘Palestinian refugee’ schools?  Why do they continue to finance these illegal activities?

And what is the recourse?  A U.N. Resolution from the very international body that is responsible for perpetrating these monstrous crimes against Arab children?  Palestinian child soldiersThe same international body that condemns the practice in places like Sudan, Angola, and Sierra Leone (see:, while simultaneously using American financed UNRWA schools to train Arab child in combat and violent suicide.

The situation is as ludicrous as it is obscene.  .

Watch for yourself. This is not to be missed.