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QATAR to showcase architectural marvels built with SLAVE IMMIGRANT LABOR for the World Cup — at a cost of thousands of lives (Video)

Qatar is enslaving thousands of foreign workers to build the architectural wonders it plans to display at the World Cup. The wealthy Gulf kingdom has spared no expense, even if the cost is thousands of lives — the lives, that is, of poor foreign laborers from across the developing world.

Toiling long hours in scorching desert heat, and housed in squalid, overcrowded labor camps – many workers are returning home to their families in caskets.  Few of their grieving wives and children ever receive the meager earnings their husbands lost their lives to bring to them.

Those laborers who survive the inhumane working conditions and attempt to return to their home countries, find they are held against their will in Qatar by their employers who seize their passports upon entry.

Curiously, none of this seems to bother the onetime community activist turned leader of the Free World, President Obama  who has virtually nothing to say on the subject.   Instead, Obama reserves his outspoken scorn, much like one of his earlier predecessors, Jimmy Carter, for housing developments in Israel — a country that has the strongest labor protections in the whole of the Middle East.

Qatar, as it happens, plays host to the leaders of Hamas and finances their genocidal war against the Jews – the same Hamas perversely glorified and championed across North American university campuses by the likes of Cornell West, Michel Chossodovsky, Noam Chomsky, ANSWER and Code Pink joined by thousands of other Leftists proudly declaring their support for the Muslim Brotherhood militia at often violent, anti-Semitic protests on the streets of Paris, London, New York City and Washington D.C.

Qatar is the headquarters to the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikwan), the parent organization of Hamas.

Qatar  is one of the countries John Kerry insisted Israel accept as a negotiator for a proposed cease fire with Hamas.

Qatar colluded with the Obama White House  to oust Gaddafi, financing the murderous terrorist insurgents who have since turned Libya into a tyrannical Islamist hellhole.  They have also done the same in Syria and Iraq.

Qatar also received the Taliban terrorists released by the United States.

Kudos for ESPN for producing this report.