Hamas caught on video firing rocket in urban, civilian area by Indian NDTV reporters

This video clearly shows Hamas assembling, then firing a rocket from a densely populated urban area in Gaza, adjacent to a hotel where Indian NDTV reporters were staying.  Over 3000 missiles have been launched from Gaza targeting civilian areas – three thousand – yet virtually no images of Hamas fighters, or rockets are presented to the Western public.  Where are the reports from CNN, MSNBC, and DemocracyNow?

Notice too, none of the individuals caught on camera in the NDTV video assembling and arming the rocket launcher are in uniform. They are dressed in civilian clothing.  What does that say about the reliability of Hamas figures about the number of “civilian’ deaths?  They have a policy of declaring all casualties civilians.  What is known, if that most of the those who died were young men of fighting age.  It is also known that at least 30 were executed for resisting Hamas. Might the victims of Hamas political executions,, also be included in the ‘statistics’ they provide to the world?  Other Hamas rockets have misfired and fallen short, killing Arab civilians; these too, have regularly been attributed to Israel.

These tactics differ little from those employed by the US-Iranian backed Muslim forces in Bosnia, where attacks on Muslims were often staged by Muslims to demonize the Serbs as reported by various high ranking U.N. peacekeepers.