The UN and Obama’s Act of Aggression | Maria Polizoidou
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The UN and Obama’s Act of Aggression | Maria Polizoidou

“President Obama sometimes seems to have an indifference to historical truth that often borders on antagonism.[2]…

Historically, Muslim forces began invading Syria in 634, and ended by conquering Constantinople in 1453.

They invaded not only all of Turkey – obliterating the great Christian empire of Byzantium – but then went on to conquer all of North Africa, Greece, Southern Spain, parts of Portugal, and eastern Europe, including Hungary, Serbia and the Balkans…

The US and the UN – both the Security Council and UNESCO – are not who determine what is historically true and what is not. These shameful votes should be reversed immediately; if not, all funding should be withdrawn from the United Nations, by United States and all freedom-loving democracies” — Maria Polizoidou

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