Do you still have an UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO LIFE?
Covid-19 / genocide

Do you still have an UNALIENABLE RIGHT TO LIFE?

In the United States, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, has served, albeit imperfectly, as The People’s firewall against subjugation, oppression, unchecked power, and arbitrary and capricious, authoritarian rule.

Yet now, as the death toll climbs as a result of the experimental injection administered to millions of people, and the pressure mounts to coerce those that refuse to submit to receiving this dangerous, sometimes lethal biochemical agent, perhaps it is time to ask if the issue at stake is even more basic than civil liberties, more fundamental? There can, after all, be no free expression, no right bear arms, no right to assembly to defend, if there is NO RIGHT TO LIFE. The dead can’t fight back – can’t resist. They can make no claim. Issue no demands. Wage no Protest. They are silenced. FOREVER.

Graves are easy to govern.

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