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Sayyid Al-Qemany | European occupation should come back to Arab countries. ترجمة فريق آي ثينك للترجمة

“Otherwise, please just build a barrier wall around us, the same as Jurassic Park…”

— Sayyid Al-Qemany, Egyptian writer, thinker and dissident who opposes Islamic fundamentalism and the Muslim Brotherhood.


You Tube notes:

Sayyid Al-Qemany _European occupation should come back to Arab countries .
ترجمة فريق آي ثينك للترجمة
Osama Shaheen
موقعنا على الأنترنت
قناتنا على اليوتيوب
على التويتر

— Sayid Al-Qemany,

Transcript  of English Subtitles:

The perceptions about the battle against terrorism are different dealing with Islamic ideology or the terrorism itself.   In my opinion, fighting against the idea will be less expensive, faster and more effective.

But I have no idea how to do that, because I am not a key person of influence, and I’m not a politician.  What can the Western countries provide for a cultural war in this region?  I don’t have any idea!

Maybe they can provide satellite TV channels, schools, please, come and build schools in our countries!  But you should come and bring your teaching methods and your way of life like the Missionaries who came to our countries in the past and helped the seniors intellectuals in the  Arab nation.

It’s time to take civilization back to our countries!  Because our countries have known modernity, and Muhammad Ali Pasha built the modern country as a result of the French entry to Egypt!

We’ve learned politics, law, nation, and the responsibility because of the presence of the European-English occupation in our countries during 73 years.  We were living with each other and they taught us a lot.

I dream about enemy invasion and occupation!

Maybe we can run an advertisement:  Please come occupy us and stand with us!

I don’t have any solution.

I just dream about occupation!

It will cost you this time.  Build more schools!  Help gifted and talented students. Protect them from out backward  teaching conditions and, build special schools for them at your own expense, and expense of the United Nations.

They are gifted, they will bring huge benefits to your country, humanity, and civilization!

I don’t have any solution.  I’m just trying to find an idea.  The only solution is to support for the reimplantation of civilization in our region.

Otherwise, please just build a barrier wall around us, the same as Jurassic Park so you can tailor your safari in our countries and also you will give us food and something to drink, and some Kalashnikovs and mortars so we could kill each other.

I am saying that because there no other solution!  Either the civilized world stand together against this monster, and imposition of secularism in these countries by the United Nations, in the full presence of international observers and International jurists.

Otherwise, these countries will send evils capable of destroying humanity.  In case you are afraid that aliens may show up.  This is worse than aliens.  I just want to add something, that maybe will be useful for theorists on the end of life.  Long time gone, a lot of talking about Noah’s flood, Armageddon and the war between good and evil and the Doomsday argument!  And a lot human thoughts about disasters will happen to this earth.  I want to tell you:  We are this monster.

This is according to the modern science and its expression.  Our location in space-time,  we are standing in the middle between two periods .  The first one is 175, 000 years old, when modern humans appeared in Africa and continued thinking the same way, till the appearance of modern approaches to scientific thinking, and the appearance of John Rope and Voltaire etc…

This time, the idea and its owner refused to abandon their presence.  It is the past that remains the same, refuses to be passed and it’s fighting to regain some of its space in our countries and that’s why we couldn’t pass through the bottle’s neck, to the event horizon as your countries did!  Your countries passed through the black hole  but still have the black hole and it pulls us back in the space time!   It drives us backward!

And it will drive your countries with us, who pass to the event horizon and take it to the black hole again!   It is a war between two different periods!




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