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Figures show 75% of United Nations employees are “Palestinian”

Arab riots with rocks

When this Adara Press article was originally published in 2013 the United Nations posted on its website it had 63,450 employees. This figure was compared to the total number of UN employees determined to be “Palestinian” refugees: Approximately 30,000 or half.

Recently, Adara Press has been informed by Professor Francisco Gil-White of the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México that the number of U.N. employees is in fact significantly less than had previously reported according to the following UN source: http://ask.un.org/faq/14626


Professor Gil-White notes that:

“According to this page the total UN personnel, worldwide, is: 40,131.

Wikipedia’s UNWRA page agrees with the article that UNWRA employs a little over 30,000 people.


So, Palestinians are a full 3/4 of UN staff”.

This is extraordinary.  The original Adara Press article is reposted here with the updated figures.



Half  3/4 of U.N. Employees are ‘Palestinian’.

The United Nations, which claims nearly 200 member nations, reports that it employs 63,450  40,131 people system-wide.

One would expect that the workforce of this international body would come to exemplify the myriad of peoples it claims to represent.  Yet one group is curiously over represented to a remarkable degree.

How is it possible that of 63,450  40,131 U.N. employees, a staggering 30,000 are ‘Palestinian’ ?


The Arab refugees of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war are the only refugees for whom the United Nations confers ‘refugee’ status to descendants; children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on are all considered refugees–a status they retain even if they have received citizenship from another country.  In short, for this population alone the U.N. has granted refugee status in perpetuity. 

The U.N. was able to do this, in part, because a unique, largely autonomous UN agency was established with a separate set of policies exclusively for those Arabs it identifies as “Palestinians”: the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

All other refugees, are assisted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). 

Whereas virtually all the other war refugees from the middle of the last century–such as those displaced in WW II–were resettled or otherwise integrated into host countries more than half a century ago (including 900,000 indigenous Jews systematically purged from Muslim dominated lands across the Mid-East and North Africa), only the Arab Palestinians, and their descendants have not.

Instead, most of these Arabs have been interned for generation, upon generation in U.N. administered ghettos “camps” across the Middle-East by their Arab brethren, in most cases, barred by those Arab governments from working, owning property, receiving citizenship or otherwise integrating.

Meanwhile, this ever growing population of perpetual refugees has sustained and is sustained by an army of highly compensated U.N. bureaucrats (30 times that of the UNHCR), administering the generously funded UNRWA for more than half a century.

Though Palestinian refugees represent less than 18% of the world refugee population (even with the inclusion of the great, great grandchildren continually augmenting their number), UNRWA takes one third of all the funding the United Nations receives for providing humanitarian assistance to the world’s dispossessed people. Most of that funding, which comes largely from the United States, goes towards paying the salaries of  UNRWA’s staff who number a staggering 31,770, and comprise over half  3/4 of all 63,450 40,131 employees the United Nations has system-wide.

In contrast to the policies of UNHCR, which largely prohibit the hiring of members of assisted populations to avoid conflict of interest in the distribution of aid and services, ninety-nine percent of all of UNRWA’s employees are registered as Palestinian ‘refugees’.

Holders of UNRWA refugee cards are entitled to free food, housing, education for school aged children, medical services, business loans and other benefits. Investigations have shown fraud to be rampant.

The money spent per individual Arab-Palestinian refugee and their descendants is nearly triple what the UNHCR spends per person on all the other refugees it assists, including other Arab refugees such as the Houthi in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and now the Syrian refugees.

It is these policies that has enabled the leadership of the PLO/FATAH and HAMAS to claim– more than six decades after the Arab-Israeli war–the existence of some 4.7 million Palestinian refugees, the vast majority of whom were not yet born at the time of the war, yet enjoy an inexplicably privileged status denied to all other refugees across the planet.

It should be noted that, due to the systematic ethnic cleansing of indigenous Jews from Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and elsewhere, there are 20 times more Arabs  (1.3 million) enjoying full citizenship in Israel than there are Jews remaining in all the Arab world combined, an area roughly the size of the United States — of which Israel constitutes less than 1%.  Israel, in fact, is just one third the size of the Navajo tribal reservation in the United States.

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