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“Al – Azhar, in my opinion…is the last stronghold of Arab occupation” | Sayyid Al-Qemany, Secular Egyptian Author – سيد القمني محاضرة قيمة لقاء شيق ومفيد

While the Obama White House CENSORED the term “Islamist terrorism”  from the video recording of the French President’s statement,  secular Egyptian Author Sayyid Al-Qemany courageously challenges the Islamists head on. He knows they are killers, acting to impose a repressive and violent ideology throughout the world.  He also knows that his life is at risk for refusing to stay silent.

With incisive wit he explains what is openly understood in the Middle East, but obscured and denied in the West, especially by Western leaders:  Egypt, Iraq, and the Levant were among the lands conquered by the Arabs 1400 years ago. The indigenous peoples were plundered and subjugated.   Their surviving descendants, he suggests, have internalized the values of their oppressors,

Today, the Sunnis and the Shiites are killing each other over whose slaves they should be:  The slaves of the offspring of Fatima, daughter of the  prophet, alone, or slaves of the entire Qureish tribe, including the offspring of Abu Sufyan,

The blood that is being shed to this day is of people killing one another to decide whose slave they should be .

This history of  violent conquest, cultural annihilation and enslavement is openly glorified by Muslims adherents and their religious leaders.

Al – Azhar University in Cairo provides the ideological sustenance for this ancient Arab imperialism, fueling “Islamist” violence and repression.

There is an aggressive effort afoot to silence secular intelligentsia of the Arab – Islamic world.  With increasing frequency, videos that feature their critical analysis of Islamic ideology, governance, and history are being taken down as seen here.  This is censorship. It is the silencing of dissent. It is repression, through suppression.  Given the position of the governing elite in the Western world, perhaps best exemplified by statements made by President Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and Hillary Clinton, towards exposing the grim reality of life under Islam, it is essential that these thoughtful, eloquent voices of reason are heard — for their sakes and ours.

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“In a long lecture at the offices of the Egyptian Secular Party, author Sayyid Al-Qemany blasted Al-Azhar, which he called a “dinosaur” and a “living fossil.” The defiant Al-Qemany, who was speaking against the backdrop of a wave of arrests of liberal and secular writers in Egypt, said that he had only a little time left to live, and that he planned to dedicate the rest of his life” to pit the country against Al-Azhar.” He then challenged the Islamists to kill him, saying that they would be “martyred” and that he “would rest in peace.” The lecture was posted on the Internet on February 10, 2016.”