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US Illegally Inflates Number of ‘Palestinian Refugees’ – Over 30,000 draw a salary from the UN

When it comes to defining who is a “Palestinian Refugee”, the U.S. Department of State has been clear and unwavering in it’s policy: Ignore the law.

For the Arab “Palestinians” alone, the United States government allows for a privileged designation it denies virtually all other refugee populations  – a designation so permissive it guarantees that the number of individuals identified as “Palestinian Refugees” cannot but grow at a wildly accelerated rate such that those now counted as ” Palestinian refugees” has ballooned to several million.

The policy is also illegal. Why?  Because, under US law, the vast majority of so called “Palestinians Refugees” aren’t refugees at all.

U.S. law is clear, as Steven Rosen explains in his article, “Why State Dept. Defends UNRWA’s Artificial Refugee Designations” (article provided below),

“…under U.S. law, a person who has citizenship in the country where he resides, and enjoys the protection of that state, cannot lawfully be eligible for refugee status.[3] …Under U.S. laws and regulations, only an individual who was personally displaced, or is a spouse or an underage dependent of such an individual, can be eligible for refugee status or derivative refugee status.[7] Grandchildren and great-grandchildren are specifically not entitled to inherit refugee status merely because their ancestor was a refugee.[8]

For Palestinians, and virtually no others, the US government ignores the federal law as a matter of policy.   What, one wonders, makes the ‘Palestinians’ so special?

The vast majority of those now designated as a “Palestinian Refugees” – interned in UN camps – were not even born during the time of the Arab – Israeli war of 1948; many, in fact, were born elsewhere: outside of Israel entirely.   By law, most are not refugees at all – not even remotely.

As discussed in an earlier article here at Adara Press, the United Nations likewise sets these particular Arabs apart,

“The Arab refugees of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war are the only refugees for whom the United Nations confers ‘refugee’ status to descendants; children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on are all considered refugees–a status they retain even if they have received citizenship from another country.  In short, for this population of Arabs alone–persons who would otherwise not be deemed refugees–the U.N. has granted refugee status in perpetuity.”

It is a position, Steven Rosen shows, the U.S. Department of State supports and finances, despite the fact it is in direct contravention of federal law and is inherently discriminatory with respect to other refugees – even other Arab refugees who are in far greater need.

But that’s not all. Additionally, Adara Press found that these fictional ‘Palestinian’ refugees are being employed by the United Nations in huge, disproportionate numbers — it is a practice prohibited to virtually all other refugee populations the United Nations serves – even real refugees.  

Incredibly, according to figures provided by the United Nations, “Palestinian Refugees” constitute over HALF 3/4 of all U.N. employees; well over 30,000 ‘Palestinian Refugees” receive a salary from the United Nations out of some 60,000 40,131 employees in all.  Not surprisingly, on this topic the U.S. is also silent – as is the media and academia.

Steven Rosen asks how the U.S. can justify violating it’s own laws when it is so damaging to the supposed peace process.    It should be clear by now that those leading the United States, those directing it’s foreign policy, are in an undeclared, proxy war against Israel – and ultimately against the Jewish people.  Should we really be surprised they’re ready to violate U.S. law to achieve their aims?